I’m back

I want to be this great, prolific blogger with many followers, but for me, it has been hard to make time for my blog. Then, for some unknown reason, I have had an aversion to my computer to do anything other than schoolwork lately. I missed my measurements post, and I have posted weight loss results either. Thank you to my mother-in-law for calling me out on it. I just wanted to let you know that I have not gone back to eating the SAD (standard American diet), but I was not eating a great vegan diet. I came down with the virus that was going around school that took me down for the count. It wasn’t with the congestion and bronchitis that all of my friends got, but I was completely rundown and sleeping all the time. Because of being sick, we ate a lot of take-out because I didn’t feel like cooking dinner and my DH just doesn’t cook. Then, last week I had my second test in microbiology class (which I somehow managed to squeak out a 96% on), so I was studying all last week and avoiding my computer except for school stuff. I was cooking some, but mostly we ate take-out. This week I have my first of 2 microbiology lab tests that I should have been studying for this week, but for some reason I haven’t been wanting to study. I think it is because he gives us the questions and we have to find the answers in our lab handouts and our lab atlas, so I have been putting it off because I don’t think I need to study too much for it. So I have been cooking this week, especially since starting Tuesday of this week, we started following Mama Peas’ Pealightful Plans. Nevertheless, there has been some interesting food in between my last post and now.

For the week leading up to the Super Bowl, I was making quite a bit of wonderfully nutritious food from Nutrition MD, but I didn’t take any pictures of the food because I just forgot. They have many great recipes on there that are very low in fat, very low in sodium, and full of vegetables, whole grains, and beans and legumes. The food was tasty, very nutritious, but it took a lot of time and energy to shop for and prepare. Furthermore, the recipes are usually quite large, and since it is only M and I, the recipes were often going to waste. I decided to look for another option that would still get me the great healthy foods I desired, and be much easier to prepare, which is where Mama Pea comes in. I have been following Mama Pea’s blog since shortly after I started my vegan journey. She is intelligent, witty, and an amazing writer with 2 of the most beautiful daughters in the world. She started the Pealightful Plans in order to help her friend lose weight and lower his cholesterol, so I think it would benefit both M and I, but more on that later in the post.

Super Bowl Sunday (Go PACK!) meant that M and his business partner threw an awesome party in the back of their store with the game projected in 720p on the wall, a large amount of food (not much for vegans), and lots to drink. I decided to bring some food that I could actually eat, so I brought a Sunshine Falafel Patty, some kale chips, and some homemade brownies. I actually made two different batches of brownies from scratch. First, I made the Ultimate Vegan Brownies from Guilty Kitchen. I let them cool for hours, but because it was warm on that day, they didn’t quite set properly. I learned that here in Florida the best idea is to put the brownies in the freezer to get the right consistency so that the coconut oil can properly set before cutting them. I think next time I will also be putting it in a 9×13 pan so that they aren’t as thick, but they were amazing! Unless I told the people at the party they were vegan, they wouldn’t have known. The brownies that had everyone drooling though were the Fudgy Wudgy Blueberry Brownies from Veganomicon, but I made them with raspberries instead of blueberries because that’s what I had. These brownies were moist, chewy, and topped with some chocolate syrup and non-dairy ice cream would be an orgasm on a plate. They have a mixture of fresh berries and fruit spread which gives them amazing flavor. I will definitely be making both of these recipes again. I didn’t end up eating any of the food I brought because I just kept picking at the brownies and that kept me quite full. I have been exploring quite a bit with food since I became vegan.

Fudgy Wudgy Raspberry Brownies

Ultimate Vegan Brownies batch 1

Ultimate Vegan Brownies batch 2

In my exploration, I have tried quite a few new products in the past few weeks. I have fallen in love with the Sunshine Breakfast Patty, especially with just a little ketchup and some lettuce on white corn Handmade Style Tortilla from La Tortilla Factory. The breakfast is around 300 calories then I add some fresh fruit for a filling awesome, nutritious breakfast. I also discovered that Amy’s Kitchen has come out with a new vegan macaroni and cheeze, which is AMAZING! It is also gluten-free because it is made with rice pasta and the cheeze is Daiya cheddar with some nutritional yeast and mustard. It is a little high in calories, but if you split one tray into 2 servings, it’s a great indulgence. I also tried the vegan Vegetable Masala Burgers from Tandoor Chef, which are also very good. They have good spice and great crunch if you make them in a pan. I stumbled upon some new products from Alexia that are great potatoes with veggies in the frozen section. The one I tried was the Red Potatoes and Italian Vegetables, which has some great northern beans, tomatoes, onions, and spinach with some basil infused oil. I threw in a package of pre-chopped shiitake mushrooms, which I learned I will not buy again because they included too many woody stems. I guess I will buy whole mushrooms and chop them myself; however, it was a great combination. Monkey (the dog) gratefully received all of the woody stems as I was picking them out. I also picked up some more Rice Vegan cheeze from Galaxy Nutritional. Finally, I discovered Field Roast Deli Slices that come in Lentil Sage, Wild Mushroom, and Smoked Tomato. All of these products are great to have on hand in case we are running low on time or groceries for something not terrible for us, but I am trying to do as much whole, fresh foods as possible for both mine and M’s heath. Now, I’m going to move onto our healthy eating.

Sunday night, with the cupboards almost bare, I made us some Field Roast Deli Slices melts on 100-calorie sandwich buns. For me, I used Rice Vegan pepper jack cheeze, and for M, I used some leftover Swiss cheese. I made some broccoli fries and seasoning salt sweet potato fries. It was totally yum and great to eat while watching the Grammys. Monday, after a particularly grueling aerobics class (resistance training), I was beat, so I made M pick up some Chipotle for dinner. Tuesday, I finally hit Whole Foods to fulfill my grocery list for the week, and I hit the hot bar for lunch…so good! I came home, put away groceries, added some brown to the composter from the multitude of fallen leaves in the backyard, and made some awesome banana muffins from VCON. I added some roasted pepitas to the recipe for some crunch and healthy fat. I started the Pealightful Plan by cooking the Day 1 meal, which turned out awesome. Those recipes will definitely be sticking around. Yesterday, I started the day with 2 of the muffins slathered with 2 teaspoons of Organic Naturally More Peanut Butter, and a glass of Green Goodness from Bolthouse Farms. It kept me full for quite a long time, and I only needed a small snack around noon to hold me over until I got home for lunch. I stopped at Walgreens, picked up some peanuts, ate a serving, and I was more than fine until lunch, which was leftovers from Tuesday night with the leftovers from the Alexia Red Potatoes and Italian Vegetables concoction. Last night, we ate on plan again, but I couldn’t find any faro for dinner, so used red quinoa that I like way better than the traditional quinoa. This dinner was so filling after working out yesterday. I did 4.7 miles on the treadmill for 575 calories burned in 1 hour 24 minutes. This morning I had 2 more muffins but I slathered 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and more Green Goodness. I have now figured out that was way too much because nearly 5 hours later I am still stuffed. I guess I am having some soup leftover from Whole Foods hot bar because today is my mom’s birthday, so we are all going out to dinner at a local buffet. I’m not sure what I’m going to have options to eat, but I’m going because that is what she wants.

Plain Muffins

Muffins with Peanut Butter

Green Goodness

My weight loss stats have not been stellar because I was eating out too much and not really working out except for my aerobics class. I have hit the treadmill this week in addition to my class, and today I am doing more resistance training since I found my resistance bands. Tomorrow I will be hitting the treadmill again and hopefully hitting it again on Saturday before M and I go out for the day. Overall, I have lost almost 10 pounds, but these past few weeks I could have done much better. I am back on track. I am motivated. I am strong. I haven’t done measurements yet, but I will be doing that Saturday morning before my workout. I do have pictures to post from the 1st of February, if you click on the picture, it will take you to the full sized picture.  I will post again on Saturday with my measurement changes.  This I promise to you.

Beginning Current Difference
Chest 47.5
Waist 39
Hips 51
Wrist 6.75
Forearm 12.5
BMI 43.05 41.33 -1.72
Weight 235.4 226.0 -9.4
Percentage of weight loss 3.99%

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