Here I am, just as I promised. I am sad to say that due to studying for my Microbiology lab exam on Thursday, I did not get in my resistance training L I also did not get my work out in yesterday, but with all the running around on campus and with mom and sis, I still got a good calorie burn in for the day. I did get a lot accomplished yesterday though, so all in all it was a good day. I exchanged my new Nikes for a half size bigger that feel sooooooooooo much better. I also returned my GRE study guides to Amazon yesterday since I decided not to apply to UF nursing school because I don’t want to be away from M basically for over a year. Sadly, my food has not been stellar the past couple of days. On Thursday, we went to dinner with my family at the buffet. I made myself a pitiful salad (not many decent looking options on the bar) and had some broccoli, beans, and sweet potato fries for dinner. All of the other vegetables seemed to be floating in either butter or margarine, so they were not an option for me. The rest of the family enjoyed it so that’s all that matters. Yesterday, I had my Micro lab test (so easy) but that meant that I didn’t want a heavy breakfast, so I just had an apple and a Peanut Butter and Jelly Larabar. For lunch, my mom, my sis, and I went for Chinese at my favorite place in town. I had sautéed broccoli, snow peas, and string beans with white rice. I had started by having a somewhat healthy day, but by the time M came home from work, I was exhausted. I didn’t feel like cooking at all, so we had pizza. It tasted good, but I feel the sodium today by retaining some water. I’ve already started today by drinking the last of my Green Goodness, and I plan on making fresh apple, carrot, and ginger juice when M wakes up from his usual Saturday hibernation. I will get plenty of water in today too.

Saturdays are the one day a week I have my wonderful husband all to myself because he doesn’t have to work. It is our day to eat out together and sometimes to go to the movies. Lately, though, we have just been spending time together in the house, which I am completely fine with because I miss him during the week when I only get to see him for about an hour and a half a night. This weekend is a little different because most of our favorite restaurants are off limits because it is Daytona 500 weekend, which means that International Speedway Boulevard (the main drag in town) is crowded with race fans. We may end up at Maria Bonita (our favorite Mexican joint with a decent vegetarian menu), but we shall see. I will be hitting the treadmill in a few minutes to get my calorie burn in because I just feel better when I work out.

Now, let’s get to the reason for this post, my measurements. I was pleased to see some progress when I did my measurements, but I expected better of myself. I am trying hard to stay on the right track for myself, but it is hard because M gets home so late (8:30pm most nights) that I am so tired by the time he gets home. Following Mama Peas’ Pealightful Plans makes it somewhat easier because the recipes are pretty simple and quick to prepare, but even then, I get so tired I just don’t feel like even eating some nights. Anyway, here are my measurement changes.

























Total Lost










Percentage of weight loss




2 responses to “Progress!

  1. Wow. This just made my day. Keep up the awesome work!

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